The Internet is having a meltdown over these puppies that look like bagels

Having a tough day? Just gaze at these photos of glorious warmth-emanating and tasty-looking bagels…

Wait… If, upon double take, you realized that half of these bagels are actually puppies and FREAKED OUT, join the club. Twitter user Karen Zack’s perfectly composed camera roll, which pairs up puppies with their bagel döppelgangers, is probably the cutest thing we’ll ever lay our eyes on. The little tails! Their content little faces! And of course, the bagels don’t look half bad either. Zack wasn’t content just pairing puppies with bagels. She’s since compared sheepdogs to mops…

…and chihuahuas to muffins:

An earlier tweet compared labradoodles with fried chicken for a similarly startling effect:

And even earlier, she’d done the same with ducklings and plantains — though we have to say, she really hit her sweet spot once she started highlighting dogs:

It seems as though Zack has been taking her time creating these partly edible, partly adorable collages (with the exception of sheepdogs/mops), and now we can’t stop thinking about other food/animal pairing ideas. Since Easter’s coming up, why not bunnies and marshmallows? For spring, songbirds and pastries? We’ll be following her account to find out what deliciously deceptive comparison she serves up next.

H/T Delish.