Here’s a puppy feeling rain for the first time because you deserve it

May the next rainy day bring us as much joy as it does this puppy. A video uploaded by YouTube channel HippopotaBullies has gone viral because it shows pretty much one of the cutest things in the world: a puppy feeling rain for the first time.

The puppy in question is an English Bulldog named Shelby. She is thirteen weeks old, and just now discovering the joys of drizzly and somewhat unpleasant fall weather.  You can practically hear the thoughts going through her head:

Of course, everyone else in the world has seen the rain a thousand times before, and it’s usually met with groans, not wild excitement. But perhaps Shelby can remind us all to appreciate the little things, to remember that even the smallest drop of rain is something to celebrate.

Even better? HippopotaBullies has a whole channel filled with cute Bulldog videos, chronicling “the adventures of two crazy, funny, lovable, naughty, smart bulldogs from San Francisco.” Puppy steals a GoPro? Check. A puppy DJ? Check. A puppy fighting a giant spider?!? Check. If this doesn’t get you through Friday, I don’t know what will.

If I could make a request for Shelby, I’d love to see her reaction when it snows. Or when it’s windy. Or when it’s calm. Basically, I’d like a 24/7 livestream of Shelby, okay?

(Image via YouTube)

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