Here are videos of very good dogs from the Puppy Bowl, which is all that matters today

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and it that means it’s time for every red-blooded football fan’s favorite sporting event: the Puppy Bowl! Every year, Puppy Bowl scores a touchdown for cuteness and warms the hearts of animal lovers the world over! Also, all the animals in the Puppy Bowl are up for adoption, and historically Puppy Bowl has a 100% adoption rate! This year will be no exception, we’re sure! With a great lineup of cute pups, and the famous kitten half-time show, we are seriously drowning in cuteness!

So let’s instant replay and take a look at some of the past puppy bowl champions!

So much past cuteness! And the best part? All of these adorable dogs you’re watching got adopted and found forever homes! Aww!

We’re so into NFL Films very serious documentary take on the Puppy Bowl phenomenon!

Here’s an interview with the Puppy Bowl referee getting into the specifics of how Puppy Bowl works!

Here’s an adorable Access Hollywood Interview about Puppy Bowl 2017!

Now let’s get into the 2017 Puppy Bowl magic…

And here is a look at this year’s lineup!

Go team Ruff and Team Fluff! We’re rooting for all the puppies!

And who else is excited for the half time performance by the infamous Kitty GaGa!?

So thank you to all the hardworking puppies and kittens that are playing in the 2017 Puppy Bowl! You’re playing an incredible game, and your country (and the Internet) is very proud of you!