These puppies love watermelon so so much

OK we know it’s wintertime, guys, ’tis the season for gingerbread lattes, roasted chestnuts, and all that. But somewhere in a land where watermelon is still on grocery store shelves (Australia maybe? Somewhere magical, definitely), two puppies named Landy and Jynx are getting their very first taste of the summer treat. And they’re into it. Big time.

I’m a little impressed, actually. I’ve given my dogs watermelon before, and they weren’t quite sure what to do with it. Not that my dogs aren’t brilliant geniuses, because they totally are. Obviously. But Landy and Jynx have got some next level culinary skills. Take a look at these cuties chowing down, and make sure you’ve got the volume turned on. Because their puppy slurpy noises are giving us heart eyes. As is their commitment to polishing off the entire chunk of watermelon.

When someone picks up the fruit, the tiniest puppy (Jynx) isn’t having it. He grabs the rind with his little puppy paws and keeps on noshing while standing on his hind legs. We feel you, little guy. We feel you. Sometimes you just have to give your food a hug. Not that I’ve ever hugged a cupcake or anything. (Spoiler alert: I totally have.)

[Image and video via YouTube]

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