This is basically ‘101 Dalmations’ in IRL

There is no such thing as too many puppies, got that? Our evidence comes in the form of a super cute video posted to YouTube by Kingwanas Basenjis. The video is (appropriately) named 16 Basenji Puppies All Living Under the Same Roof, from three different litters.

We have to say, this sort of feels like more than sixteen puppies. Actually, the video kind of looks like a scene out of 101 Dalmatians. Minus the spots and the evil villain. As active as the pups are, they do take naps every now and then. Miraculously, they even seem to do so all at the same time, in a giant sleepy puppy pile-up. The only way this could get cuter is if they were wearing footie pajamas.

Sometimes they all sleep together in a giant egg. (I know. What the what?) Yes, an egg. It’s like a puppy pod.

Fun fact, you guys. Basenjis are barkless dogs. That’s right. They don’t bark, which may seem convenient when you’re living with sixteen of them. It’s not, however, as blissfully silent as you might imagine. Because while they don’t actually bark, they do make noise. In fact, basenjis are known for their distinctive yodeling sound. Singing dogs? All of the yes! If you’ve ever wondered what a yodeling pup sounds like, take a listen here. Then stop and imagine that sound multiplied by sixteen. I can’t even.

Side note: From the looks of this video, if you ever have the need to keep a few toddlers thoroughly entertained, filling the entire house with puppies is a solid plan. Who knew? Set your eyeballs on the adorableness…

(All images via video, Disney)

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