These adorable puppies nodding to music are all of us when we hear our favorite jam

Who has time for adulting when there’s an adorable puppy video to watch? Later for priorities because this video of a group of Alaskan Malamute puppies nodding to music is easily the cutest thing you’ll watch all day. The YouTube video shows the five precious pooches hanging out together in the back of a vehicle when music begins to play, setting off a series of cute head-nodding moves that makes us want to head to the nearest dog shelter.


OK, so we know that dogs tilt their heads when they’re empathizing or listening, which is probably why these puppies are reacting the same way we do when when we hear our favorite jam.


The only thing to make these cute canines’ summertime jam sesh even more lit would’ve been an appearance by Reese Witherspoon’s sunbathing dog.