Hulu just released a video called “Puppies Crash Christmas,” and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in life

Even though I’ve been asking for a puppy for Christmas for literally, idk, years at this point, no one is getting me a puppy for Christmas. However, Hulu did just gift me the next best thing, which happens to be a 30-minuet video of puppies at Christmas time. Oh, but these just aren’t any puppies – these puppies crash Christmas, and literally destroy Christmas, by eating all the presents and drinking all the egg nog.

So, they’re kinda just like all of us around the holidays. But don’t for a second think they aren’t good dogs. These dogs are GREAT DOGS, and this is the second best thing to cuddling with a puppy myself this holiday season.

This year, instead of a boring old Yule Log, Hulu has released a series of — as they’re calling it — “hypnotic” holiday videos, in a collection called Streaming Wonderland. Want to watch someone eat a gingerbread house? You’ve got it. Want to watch someone tap sap from a tree? That video is 56 minutes long! How about Santa stuck in a chimney? That’s definitely something you can watch with the family on Christmas Eve.

The best one out of Streaming Wonderland, obviously, is Puppies Crash Christmas. Its a 30-minute video of puppies! And they crash Christmas! Those silly puppies!


Puppies, no, don’t eat Santa’s cookies!


What good dogs.


Also, the video is sprinkled with Hulu Easter eggs for all the shows currently streaming on the site right now. Are those the Golden Girls above the mantel, where they should rightfully be in every single house?

So if you thought that A Christmas Prince was as good as it was going to get this Christmas, you are wrong. The best thing is actually Puppies Crash Christmas, and cross your fingers this is the beginning of a beautiful new holiday series. Can we get Puppies Crash New Years Eve? Puppies Crash Valentine’s Day? Puppies Crash Arbor Day? Puppies Crash EVERYTHING?

You can watch Puppies Crash Christmas right here, and you should. Happy holidays!