These punny “Star Wars” song titles are literally the best thing in the galaxy right now

If you’ve seen the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, you know that it is a heavy film about war, the Death Star, and a sassy droid named K-2SO. It is intense, and the action is only heightened by the perfect score from composer Michael Giacchino. As if he KNEW the movie was going to dark places in the Star Wars galaxy, Giacchino gave each Rogue One song a real title — and then a punny one. Reading his punny titles, we honestly can’t think of anything better in the world right now.

If you’re familiar with Giacchino work, you are probably familiar with the fact that he gives all the songs he writes snappy names (seriously, just look at the track listing for one of his more recent films, Jurassic World). But Rogue One is Star Wars, and Giacchino needed to give all his songs ~proper~ titles to fit in with the rest of the galaxy.

The “real” titles for the songs for the movie include: “Trust Goes Both Ways,” “Jedah Arriva,” and “Krenick’s Aspirations.”

As Giacchino notes in the insert for the Rogue One CD (yeah, people still buy CDs, weird, right?), he needed to give them all alternate titles — Giacchino approved titles.

With love, kindness, and the use of the Force, he has re-named the above songs to be: “Going to See Saw,” “Jedah Call Saul,” and “Have A Choke and Smile” AND WE CAN’T.

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All of these tiles are TOO GOOD and should become the ~official~ song titles for all the songs in Rogue One. Just imaging listening to “Live and Let Jedi” again and again at work. You’d not only be pumped up for the day, but probably the whole year, too.

Other song highlights include: “Takes One to Rogue One,” “Erso Facto,” and “Bazed and Confused.” Petition for Giacchino to not only score every soundtrack to every movie till the end of time, but also re-name other things in life. The world would be a much punnier place.

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