21 punny Instagram captions for weddings where even the cake was in tiers

Weddings are the perfect backdrops for beautiful photos. It doesn’t matter if you’re the guest at a wedding, part of the bridal party, or the person who’s actually getting married, one thing is for sure: you’re bound to post at least one picture you take on Instagram. And if you’re doing that, you’ll want the perfect caption to go along with it. Sure, you could go for something sappy, sweet, and romantic (nothing wrong with that!), but sometimes it’s more fun to opt for something funny that will make your followers giggle. Enter these punny Instagram captions for wedding photos — they’re cute, sweet, and a little corny (in the best way).

There are lots of ways you can go about creating an Instagram caption, but puns are probably the best. They stand out a little bit more than your basic descriptive caption, and they’re a lot more fun than something inspirational or serious. They’re also great for a photo taken at a wedding, because they help to capture the excitement and happiness surrounding the day.

Coming up with a witty caption can be tough sometimes, especially if you’ve already indulged in a few glasses of champagne at the wedding you’re snapping photos at. Luckily, there are tons of options for everyone, from those who went to the party solo to other engaged couples to the happy bride or groom. If you’re looking for something to use, check out these hilarious punny Instagram captions.

1. For any guest who’s just up for having a really good time:

2. For the couple who loves cats:

3. For anyone enjoying a nice cold beer during the reception:

4. Perfect for the photo of everyone doing a celebratory shot:

5. The punniest way to show your love:

6. When you’re posting a photo of the sparkler send-off:

7. To accompany the photo of anyone who gets to experience a donut favor:

8. For all the Beyoncé fans out there:

9. For anyone lucky enough to attend a wedding with tacos on the menu:

10. Perfect for the couple who loves red wine:

11. For anyone who teared up just a bit at the ceremony:

12. When you snap a photo of your coffee at the end of the night:

13. Another perfect caption for a photo of wedding donuts:

14. Another one for the photo of a sparkler send-off:

15. For anyone showing off the happy couple:

16. When the bride and groom post a photo of themselves eating their wedding cake:

17. For anyone who attends a wedding featuring a bonfire:

18. Perfect for the nautical-themed wedding:

19. The best caption for the bride:

20. For the couple who serves pizza at their wedding:

21. And another one for a nautical-themed summer wedding:

These puns are sure to bring any picture to the next level. No matter which caption you choose, your photo is definitely going to get some extra attention!