‘Punk’d’ is coming back and we are SO READY

Punk’d is coming back. We promise we’re not punking you. MTV’s celebrity prank show has found a new home at BET, and they’re bringing the show back in all its original glory. You mean there’s a chance we might get to see Justin Timberlake relive the day he was told his house and all his possessions were being seized because of tax fraud? Maybe. Just maybe.

Punk’d was created as a hidden-camera show that targeted our favorite celebrities as butts of long and complicated practical jokes. Ashton Kutcher was the host/prank master of the whole thing, and during Punk’d‘s original run from 2003-2007, he made quite a few celebrities cry. Kutcher even fake-arrested Zac Efron once.

This new BET revival doesn’t have any host attached to it yet (Kutcher or otherwise) and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will “include a behind-the-scenes look at how the celebrity pranks are conceptualized and carried through.” So like, the grand making of Punk’d, and then the actual Punk’d? We’re in.

No word on when it will premiere, but to hold us over MTV actually has a surprisingly large number of Punk’d episodes and clips on their website. Goodbye, productivity for the afternoon. Hello, that one time Justin Bieber punk’d Taylor Swift on the beach.

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