The top 3 most-pinned pun costumes for Halloween are making us LOLOL

You can admit it — you might act like Pinterest is the domain of crafty moms and DIY devotees, but we all use it. ADMIT IT. It’s just such a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way of organizing visual information, and there isn’t anything else like it on the internet (at least that we’ve come across.) And when it comes to the choosing Halloween costumes, Pinterest becomes the best possible way to organize all of your many, many options.

According to Pinterest’s data, nearly 1/3 of all Halloween-related Pins are dedicated to finding the perfect costume. Last year alone, people saved *89 MILLION* costume Pins.


We also learned from Pinterest’s data that scary costume searches are down 3%, but things like food-related costumes are up (47%) and pop culture costumes have sky-rocketed in popularity, with searches rising a full 75%. Since some of us (cough cough) are a little less tolerant of being scared out of our minds, we can’t say we’re not thrilled to see that there might be fewer spooks haunting the streets this year.

Our favorite search that increased, though, is definitely PUNS. Searches for punny costumes went up 73%. Here are the top ideas this year!

1. Taco Belle.


Omg. Stop.

2. (Cool) Whip and Neigh Neigh.



3. (Seriously, You) Can’t Touch This.


No, but really. We’re kidding, but we’re not kidding.

We hope that the uptick in searches for punny Halloween costumes will lead to parties full of hilarious puns, because we can’t think of anything more fun and nerdy than that, to be honest.

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