Pumpkin Spice Pizza exists now, so our autumn dreams are coming true

Autumn has been forever branded as the season of pumpkin spice. This is certainly not new information, nor do we mind the prevalence of the ~iconic~ fall flavor. I suppose it started with the PSL obsession by Starbucks aficionados, but it has escalated into lip balm, hair color, marshmallow Peeps, Cheerios, and more.


But what is a pizza lover supposed to do once the leaves start to fall?

Well, someone finally recognized that this demographic has been ignored for FAR TOO LONG, because ladies and gentleman, may I introduce…



Anthony Rotio is the mastermind behind the seasonal pizza pie. And as reported by Cosmopolitan, Rotio isn’t much of a PSL dude — but his wife is an autumnal queen so he wanted to cook up something special for her! #truelove

The pizza's ingredients are pumpkin (obvi), honey, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ricotta, sage, and fior di latte -- which simply means mozzarella cheese made from cow's milk.

Rotio told Cosmo that he was inspired by pumpkin pies:

"I liked the idea of a 'pumpkin pie... Once the fior di latte-PSL pun clicked in my head, it was just a matter of picking a few more ingredients that worked together."

It should also be mentioned that we are in very good hands with Anthony Rotio, ’cause homeboy KNOWS and LOVES the ‘za. Rotio is the inventor behind The Pizza Shelf, a patent pending baking tool that will allow folks to make Neapolitan pizzas in an 800 degree oven.

Excuse us, because we’ve gotta head to the kitchen and get a slice of this dessert pizza ASAP.

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