Fall is getting even sweeter: Pumpkin Spice Peeps are coming

Who doesn’t love fall? Leaves change, you can start incorporating knit accessories into your daily wardrobe, and delicious, cinnamon-y versions of just about every food and beverage take grocery stores aisles by storm. This year, there’s going to be a pretty exciting addition to that bevy of autumnal treats: Peeps are getting a pumpkin spice makeover.

According to Time, there’s allegedly a debate to be had about whether or not this is a good thing. However, we’re not prone to such silliness, because having pumpkin spice Peeps doesn’t merely mean a fall-flavored version of those little fledgling confections.

Pumpkin spice peeps mean autumn-flavored s’mores! They mean rice krispies that taste like the seasons changing! They mean crowning your favorite fall beverages—including the beloved PSL—with even more autumnal goodness (and we shall call it Pumpkinception).

Okay, we know, we’re getting a little effusive; but there are so many possibilities to be had with pumpkin spice Peeps. And that’s not all; these Peeps will be released with two other fall flavors: caramel apple and, of course, candy corn. The limited-edition Peeps are dipped in a hardened candy shell; it’s caramel-flavored for the caramel apple flavor and white chocolate-flavored for both the pumpkin spice and the candy corn.

Some lucky editors at The Huffington Post have already had a chance to try the three fall flavors; they did a blind taste test and reviewed them. They name the caramel apple ones the winners, have mixed things to say about the pumpkin spice, and were not kind toward the candy corn. However, we’ll have to reserve judgment till these seasonal Peeps are available to us mere mortals—August 31, at Target stores and online.

We know it feels like a long way away, but there’s less than a month to go. In the meantime, you can ease your pumpkin spice cravings by checking out the delightfully strange Twitter profile for the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

(Image via Just Born.)