All the pumpkin spice paraphernalia you need for your PSL obsession

Fall is in the air, so that means ’tis the season for Pumpkin Spice. Not that we’re complaining. We actually love it, even though it appears as if every single food product out there has gotten the Pumpkin Spice reboot. Still, not that we’re complaining. There’s also nothing out there that says Pumpkin Spice has to stick strictly to food and beverage. Where are the Pumpkin Spice THINGS?

You don’t have to look far, because they’re all online. So in one hand you can clutch your precious PSL, in the other hand you can totally rock something PSL-themed. If you’re looking for some place to get started with your PSL shopping spree, here are just a few awesome suggestions.

PSL Sweaters

These are just a few of our favorite Fall things.

PSL stickers

Your daily planner needs a little PSL love in it, too. These stickers aren’t just focused on PSL coffee, either. How about PSL coffee cups, muffins, and cupcakes, too?

PSL bathbombs

Haven’t you always wanted to take a warm bath in the soothing smells of PSL? Now you can, thanks to some PSL flavored bathbombs. These look good enough to eat but… don’t.

PSL themed nail polish

You’ve just grabbed your hot PSL from the counter, and now you need to take a picture of it. Good thing you painted your nails with this awesome PSL inspired speckled nail polish. Super in love with this.

PSL candle

The smell of your coffee will only last for so long. Go ahead and light this PSL candle and keep it burning all night long.

PSL silver spoon

Are you making your PSL at home (because you’ve mastered the fine art of brewing it?). Give it the silver spoon treatment, literally, with an engraved special PSL spoon.

PSL pin

Even when you’re not drinking a PSL, you can wear your love of it right on your sleeve. Or, coat. Or, purse/backpack, wherever.

PSL pendant

Look at this adorable little PSL charm. Just look at it! Talk about a statement necklace. It’s even got a green little straw in it!!

PSL cat treats

Let’s not limit the love of PSL to just humans. Your best furry friend might want to get in on it, too.

PSL slippers

It’s going to start getting colder and colder, so give your feet something cozy to slip into. Probably best if you only wear these around the house.

PSL embroidery

A decoration you can keep up all year round, to remind yourself of the best season.

PSL mug

If only to remind your other coffee and teas that while they’re fine, they’re no PSL.

(All images via Etsy and Amazon Handmade)


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