Here’s proof that ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ are basically identical

It’s no surprise that great directors take after one another, even across the genres of TV and film. I mean, how else could you explain the references and parallels to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in the hit series Breaking Bad? If you hadn’t seen them before, you’ll soon see the light after you watch the comparison video made by Vimeo user Jorge Luengo Ruiz.

First of all, there are subtle things, like similar camera angles and blocking. The trunk closes on the screen, we zoom out of the barrel of a gun, the characters are placed the same way in restaurant booths, that kind of stuff. But then there are almost exact instances in the TV show that are the same as Pulp Fiction. For instance, Jesse and Walt cleaning up their bloody mess just like Jules and Vincent do, and then they both get hosed off to get rid of any evidence they ever committed the gruesome crime.

Also, did anyone else notice that Jane and Mia look identical? It’s like they’re two versions of the same person, one in Tarantino’s world, and one in present day New Mexico. They also both just have the same general vibe of “how could this get any worse?” and “don’t you guys maybe think you should shower?”

You can watch the video to see the rest, but fair warning: If you didn’t know already, these are two pretty gruesome creations, both involving hard drugs and gory murder. Since they’re practically the same thing, this video has all that ickiness twice. I guess what I’m saying is, brace yourself.

(Image via Vimeo)

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