This pug wedding is the dose of adorable you need in your life

As we all know, wedding season is upon us. And although wedding enthusiasts may daydream about gorgeous dresses and sparkly rings, this Australian ceremony may just take the (wedding) cake. Mainly because the bride and groom are the cutest pair of lovebirds we’ve ever seen.

Jasmine and Jasper are two rescued pugs who are ready to say “I do.” The pair will be wed in a lavish Melbourne ceremony on May 17, and this celebration has even us humans jealous. The wedding is being styled by well-known Australian event designer Christian Wagstaff and his team. And handling this event is no small task, the guest list boasts over 60 furry friends and 300 humans. Jasmine and her doggy wedding party will be strutting down the aisle is dresses by couture wedding dress designer Craig Braybrook. Guests can also expect a delicious wedding cake and even more delicious treats perfect for a pug. This shindig is definitely going to be the talk of the dog park!

But Jasmine and Jasper definitely deserve all the fanfare, they have a puppy love story for the ages! The loveable pugs were rescued in 2013. Jasmine and Jasper were both struggling with obesity, severe eye problems, and difficultly breathing. However, after some intense TLC from Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria, they returned to tip-top shape. They underwent eye treatments for their blindness and dropped their unhealthy extra pounds with a special bootcamp. Soon they were adopted together by a loving new owner, and now that they’re in a happy home, it’s time to make things official.

But these two aren’t just throwing a wedding to have a doggone good time, it’s all for charity! The tickets cost $30 for a puggy pal and $60 for a human companion and all the money will go to Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria so many more lovable pugs like Jasmine and Jasper can be taken in and nursed back to health. The wedding ceremony will also include amazing stories about other rescued pugs and their road to rehabilitation. And if you’re looking to throw the happy couple a bone, they even have their own wedding registry! But since their new owner Alison has fulfilled all the happy pugs’ needs, this registry lets you donate to the Pug Rescue. Now that we know all the wedding day details, we just have one question. Where’s our invite?

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