This pug is so ashamed of himself, but OMG we forgive him because so cute

We need to talk: We know a guilty face when we see one. This is Bandit the pug. Bandit the pug has been a bad puppy. His loving but stern papa had to give him a little sit-down. Talk about some of the choices Bandit’s been making lately.

You know sometime little pups have bad habits.

Like, they lick everything. All the time. Non stop.

It’s a life lesson all little doggies have to go through some time. Some little pups might try to pretend they didn’t do anything wrong, but Bandit here just can’t hide the truth.

You can see it all spelled out right on his face.

Is he guilty?

Sometimes he chases Bigfoot, the big kitty.

Bandit looks so guilty about that, and so sorry, that we almost want to cry with him.

We know he’s sorry about chasing kitty.

But with a name like Bandit, does he even have a chance? Can he change his ways, when they’re all he’s ever known?

But then when Daddy offers him a chance to redeem himself, he perks right up.

Is he gonna be a better puppy?

Does he think he can be a better dog?

He needs to try. He could try.

Yep, Bandit the Guilty Pug is ready to face the day, a renewed puppy, with his whole life ahead of him.