This Puerto Rican woman saved over 90 birds from Hurricane Maria, housing them in her dorm room

The world needs a lot of love right now. In addition to the daunting political climate, natural disasters have been plaguing North America, with hurricanes and earthquakes hitting Mexico, the United States, the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Not only is this dangerous for the residents of these territories — it’s also dangerous for the animals there, too. But thankfully, many birds in Puerto Rico were safe and sound during Hurricane Maria, thanks to a student who took them in.

A woman identified as Michelle H. took 90 birds into her dorm room to save them from the storm outside, and our hearts are so full.

According to Twitter, the whole thing started with one bird. Yet, when Michelle decided to rescue that one feathered friend, she couldn’t resist rescuing more and more. One bird turned into 60 birds, which turned into even more.

Eventually, her dorm room turned into a bird sanctuary, housing over 90 birds until the weather calmed down and they could be released into the wild.

We think Michelle is a modern-day Snow White, calling to these scared birds and offering them safety in the storm. Apparently, the wind was so strong outside that these creatures weren’t able to fly.

On Twitter, Michelle shares that most of the birds she rescued were fine, just scared and stranded because of the harsh winds.

Once the storm calmed down, these birds were on their way back home. But sadly, Puerto Rico is still recovering. We’re glad the island has people like Michelle on it, though, to help to make a difference.

We’re sending all our love to Puerto Rico.