That iconic shower scene from ‘Psycho’ — reimagined with kittens

Largely recognized as the first slasher film ever, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho begins with the story of Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), a young woman forced to spend the night at a very creepy motel run by the even creepier Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). The audience is at first led to believe that Marion is the film’s protagonist — an intentional choice by Hitchcock — until, of course, they find out she isn’t about 47 minutes into the film. (Do I still need to say spoiler alert?)

For those who haven’t seen it, the shower scene in Psycho is one of the most iconic and recognizable moments in cinema history. It took just short of a week to shoot, and consists of 77 different camera set-ups and 50 cuts — a significant amount for only about three minutes of screen time. Combined with composer Bernard Herrmann’s screeching soundtrack (appropriately titled “The Murder”), the scene is more than enough to make you never want to take a shower or stay in a motel ever again.

It’s hard to imagine what could possibly make this psychological thriller-horror more incredible than it already is — but one YouTuber had a brilliant idea.

In perhaps the most adorable Psycho parody ever made (and trust us, there have been many), the infamous shower scene gets the feline treatment with tiny kittens in place of human actors. Created by YouTuber Pasdidée, the video is a shot-by-shot recreation of the crux of the scene — and yes, it is as cute as it is ridiculous.

In case we need to clarify, no kittens were harmed in the making of this video — and the cats actually seem like they’re having a pretty good time. Check it out for yourself below!

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