PSA: Pumpkin spice marijuana edibles exist, because the world is truly magical

It’s fall, which, obviously, means the takeover of the PSL. But lovers of pumpkin spice lattes and, er, special chocolate, prepare to rejoice like never before, because PSL-inspired edibles exist. Like, for real. And, guys, it’s OK to be excited. We won’t tell.


These pumpkin spice chocolate bars are sold by G FarmaLabs, and they sound ridiculously yummy.

Known as Liquid Gold Bars, these ~special chocolate~ beauties have 35 mg of THC per serving, with a total of 210 mg per bar. Created in California (duh), you can get one for $20, or, if you’re super devoted, you can get a case of 24 for a little under 500 bucks. This is one snack that takes some serious dedication, but, like, come on, guys. How could you not be curious about these?!


According to Mic, the bars are sold at dispensaries in California and Washington, and the Liquid Gold bars have the highest THC concentration in a chocolate bar.

And they’ve been selling like hotcakes, or, well, like PSL chocolate that can get you high.

GFarmaLabs founder Ata Gonzalez explained that the bars have been a *huge* success, saying,

"The sales for the product have been amazing," Gonzalez said. "We didn't anticipate selling so many for a seasonal product, as it sells as much as our regular line during this time."

Clearly someone overestimated the world’s devotion to the PSL!

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