This pscyhadelic artist is releasing a coffee table book, and it will take you on a trip

Chances are, by now, you’ve seen a tarot deck. With its imagery drawing on ancient archetypes, there have been crops of new artists putting their own spin on the cards. But if you’ve seen a color-saturated, psychedelic version of the cards floating around on Instagram, then you’ve probably been introduced to the trippy world of artist Oliver Hibert.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the artist, don’t fret. The Arizona-based creative has just announced his coffee table book, Eye See You: The Art of Oliver Hibertwhich is sure to take you on a bold and surreal journey through his world.

Oliver’s art feels like a world unto itself, one where the drug and rock ‘n’ roll fueled ’60s and ’70s seem to meld into a universe where chaos reigns supreme.

Roses bleed black, skulls come in rainbow brights and everything, yes everything, melts. Oliver told HelloGiggles that he describes his art as…

"a keyhole that one can peek through, revealing the mysteries of deadly, smiling, screaming rainbows penetrating the soul of a melting woman holding a dying flower or holding a key. It is an escape, if you will. It is a window in between love, life, death, and birth. A psychedelic escape wrapped up in surreal realities that ask your mind questions as you answer through your eyes."

The coffee table book comes after a year-and-a-half of work for the artist, who posted his announcement on Instagram last night. The book even features a forward by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, who Oliver has created posters, merchandise, and album covers for.

Although Oliver says the process of creating this book was rigorous, very technical, and just a lot of hard work, he also notes how rewarding the process has been. And now, his main goal is that people enjoy the book. He says, “I hope people enjoy looking through the phases and evolutions of my art consolidated within a rectangle within their hands. I hope it inspires and makes people think and feel good. I feel relieved and I also feel excited and motivated to keep making as much art as I can to one day make a whole new book full of all new magical things.”

Whether you’re looking for a coffee table book to give your living room new life, or for that new tarot deck, the dizzying world of Oliver Hibert is sure to inspire you. You can order Eye See You: The Art of Oliver Hibert now.