PSA: Wendy’s is giving their burgers a makeover

Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics to give your brand a reboot. And Wendy’s is doing just that.

Combining #TBT with #goals, they’ve updated their signature burger with a small yet significant change that was inspired by founder Dave Thomas’ original recipe. Their classic hamburger, Dave’s Single, will now be nestled between a new bakery-style bun. Don’t worry, their signature square-shaped patty isn’t going anywhere, and it will still be made with 100% fresh (never frozen) North American beef.

Mmm, bakery-style bread on a burger sounds like a dream come true. Those buns will also be covered in a creamy coat of Dave Thomas’ signature mayo recipe.


The change will apply to their double and triple-patty burgers as well. They’ll also start serving burgers in foil (instead of cardboard) to keep the burgers warmer longer. After all, there’s nothing worse than ordering a burger in a drive-thru window only to have it be cold and gross when you get home. No one wants that, especially not Wendy’s.

To celebrate, Wendy’s is rolling out a new campaign slogan to get the word out. The one-liner, “Deliciously Different,” is both an homage to the changes and just a little bit of side-eye to other fast food competitors.