PSA: The twin little boys from ‘Full House’ are very grown and hot now

We’ve gotten over the fact that the Olsen twins didn’t want to step foot on the Fuller House set, but we were happy to see that the second most famous siblings from the Full House franchise had time to show their faces. And wow — what faces they are.

While Nicky and Alex Katsopolis, played by twins Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, definitely showed up, both of them had actually retired from the acting world after the original Full House series wrapped up in 1995. Based on this amazing photo recently posted by their TV mom Lori Loughlin, it’s obvious these two will make another appearance in the second season, which is currently filming now. While we saw a glimpse of them in the first episode of the show,  in later episodes, they were talked about more often than seen.

And that’s a shame, because. I mean, look at them.

Loughlin, by the way, is a unicorn who has apparently not aged, but we knew that.

Blake and Dylan, both born in 1990, have pretty much stayed out of the public eye since playing the long-haired twins of Jesse Katsopolis — Dylan’s been behind the scenes working as a foley artist for video games and television shows, and Blake apparently became a firefighter. Even though their debut show aired before they could construct full sentences, it’s sweet that they have such loyalty to their Full House family by helping out with the new one.


We can’t wait to see if Blake and Dylan get stronger plot lines (and hopefully they do) or if their wild, young adult ways will make Becky even more baby crazy than she was in Season One.

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