PSA: Lucy Hale just got the most beautiful bangs

Ever since Lucy Hale made our lives by rocking zit cream and sweats in public with zero shame (yes, lady!), she’s been nothing short of a hero in our eyes. Not only does she have a super great personality, though, but her style continues to inspire us, and her most recent look has us giving our hair scissors some serious consideration.

Remember how we told you the lob was over, and bangs were in? Lucy Hale just proved it like no other.

Like, check out this new look!

She's totally mod in the *best* way.

She looks so freakin’ cute, and oh so chic! We love the new twist on our middle school bangs (ugh, burn the pictures!!!) thanks to a heavier, blunt look.

Hale is always on top of hair trends.

She looked BEAUTIFUL in our beloved lob (RIP).

And the ~woke up like this~ look that ruled the summer.

Plus, she's even a stunner with the slicked back, middle part behind our most elegant dreams.

Ugh, TG for Lucy Hale and her epic beauty. #StyleGoals forever? We think yes.