Protests form at airports around the country in response to the executive order on immigration

Things heated up this weekend in response to another order from the newly-elected president. There have been protests at numerous airports, in regards to new immigration rules, and it’s very intense.

On Saturday, protesters gathered at major airports all over the United States to fight against Donald Trump’s  executive order against immigrants, which suspended refugee arrivals and placed tighter controls on Muslim-born travelers from seven countries.

Americans are standing their ground. It’s a BIG deal, and you should be paying attention.

Due to the major crackdown on immigrants from countries including Iran, Iraq, Somalia and more, tensions are very high.

Even though Trump has decreed what effectively translates as a ban on Muslims (something a Federal judge agreed with late last night) a LOT of citizens aren’t okay with it and they are making their opinions known.

Crowds have been protesting at airports like JFK in New York and SFO in California, holding signs, and it’s very inspiring.


Immigration and civil rights lawyers also were on the scene.


The protesters, lawyers, and their supporters were given a reprieve when some of the detained passengers were finally released. Just see if these videos of Americans welcoming immigrants don’t make you cry.

While it’s heartening that so many were freed, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Protesters, lawyers, and lawmakers against such orders have a long fight ahead, and we’ll keep you informed of every step.

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