The Pros and Cons Of Dating A Disney Prince

For many kids, Disney movies were our first introduction to romance. Disney princes, with their charming smiles and valiant deeds, seemed like the epitome of what a man should be. Sure, they seemed great when we were 8, but twenty years later, are the classic Disney princes the kid of guys we’d actually consider dating? Let’s run down the pros and cons.

Pro: They’re kind of cute, in a cartoon-way.

If you like your men tall, dashing, and prone to wearing puffy sleeves, then a Disney prince may just be the man for you. You certainly wouldn’t call any of them unattractive.

Con: They’re a too generic.

There’s nothing wrong with a strong jaw line and perfectly chiseled pecs, but if you were hoping for someone who doesn’t have Ken doll hair, you may be out of luck. These guys are basically carbon copies of each other with slightly different hair colors and outfits, so if you like a little more diversity (and maybe even some facial hair), a Disney prince may not be for you.

Pro: They’re willing to commit.

Tired of dating guys who “aren’t into labels” or are “just not sure they even believe in marriage?” You’ll never have that problem with a Disney prince. They’ll be planning your walk down the aisle approximately three minutes after they lay eyes on you for the first time.

Con: They may be a little too willing.

Whether it’s some archaic palace law or the need to avoid a curse, these guys really seem in a rush to lock it down. Commitment is great and all, but given that the average span of a Disney movie is somewhere between a few days and a few months, it seems like these guys might be rushing into things. It takes more than a song or two and some knowing glances to know if you can really be in it with someone for the long haul. Fortunately, Disney seems to have come around on this one.

Pro: They’re willing to save the day.

Whatever trouble you’re in, be it with a sea witch or a regular witch or just a garden-variety wicked stepmother, Disney princes are pretty great at saving you when you need assistance.

Con: It might get a little creepy.

I know it’s supposed to be this great romantic thing when the Prince wakes up Snow White with a kiss, but can we just think about the fact that he doesn’t know she’s only sleeping and basically thinks he’s kissing a dead girl?

Pro: They’re super into you.

I will give them this, Disney princes have an uncanny ability to get that dopey, smitten look on their faces after they’ve met you. It’s sort of sweet.

Con: They’re super into weirdly specific things about you.

The Prince in Cinderella has people go door to door looking for the girl whose foot fits into the glass slipper. If he had such an amazing connection with Cinderella, surely the Prince could have just gone door-to-door and looked for the girl, without bringing the shoe into it and risking ending up with some girl who just happened to have the same size feet. Similarly, Prince Eric was willing to throw away his developing relationship with Ariel because Ursula/Vanessa showed up with the perfect voice he remembered. It might be nice if these guys were more willing to look at the total package and not just one strangely particular physical attribute.

In conclusion, I’m not particularly convinced a Disney prince makes for the best boyfriend (and not just because they’re two-dimensional).

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