This guy proposed to his girlfriend with a puppy and we can’t control our tears

What’s more romantic than an engagement ring? An engagement puppy. Obviously. 

Wait a hot second. Are engagement puppies an actual thing? They are now, apparently. In a video recently posted to YouTube, Shelby Turner‘s ultra-amazing boyfriend surprises her with a puppy. And oh yeah, the adorable dog also came with a proposal.

This guy was already a total contender for the boyfriend of the year award (we know there’s no such thing, but still…) when he turned up with a sweet chocolate lab puppy, complete with a precious pink polka dot bow around its neck. But then he told Shelby to check the little dog’s name tag and SPOILER ALERT it wasn’t a tag at all. It was an engagement ring. OUR HEARTS.

Shelby basically dissolved into a puddle of happy tears. Not that we blame her one bit.

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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