Twitter is comparing ABC’s The Proposal to a terrifying Black Mirror episode, and well, they’re not wrong

Calling it a lite spiritual successor to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette s maybe a little too kind, because ABC’s new reality match-making show The Proposal is…something else. While the network’s two flagship reality shows spend all season introducing us to a lucky single person and their respective suitors, The Proposal does it in like 20 minutes. Also, the guy (or girl!) who is looking for luv is obstructed from the audience — both in the studio and at home — for the entire time. It’s like The Dating Game of yesteryear, but at the end you don’t just go on a date or two, you’re expected to get married.

Also, there’s a bathing suit portion of the show. Even pagents are doing away with beachwear segments, but not The Proposal!

And so, flanked by a multi-media set that kinda looked like someone had just walked into Best Buy and said “okay, we’ll take everything,” mystery guy Mike got down on one knee and proposed to Monica, after knowing OF her for like 30 minutes, but didn’t really GET TO know her, since that’s the point of The Proposal — it’s basically strangers proposing to strangers, if you’re into that sort of reality television.

It turns out, a lot of people are into that kind of television, as many actually tuned into to watch The Proposal. And quickly, many realized that we had already seen this kind of dating fiasco show on television before, it was just called a different name: Black Mirror. 

Like, think about that one episode of Black Mirror about the talent show (“Fifteen Million Merits”) and then think about the dating app episode from the most recent season (“Hang the DJ”). Basically, combine those things together, and that’s like just a sliver of what was happening during The Proposal.

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There’s even a weird scary allusion to BOTH “White Christmas” and “Arkangle,” with the blurred out human!!

But unlike just about every Black Mirror episode this one…had a happy ending? Because Monica said yes to Mike and now the two are engaged and also still dating? IDK love is weird! So is The Proposal!

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