Here’s the one prop Sutton Foster HAD to take home with her from the “Gilmore Girls” set

Every day, we get a little bit closer to the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. We still don’t know exactly when it will premiere on Netflix, but we do know that we can’t wait to see all of our old friends again. And some new ones too, like Bunheads actresses Sutton Foster and Bailey De Young.

Foster in particular is a huge Gilmore Girls superfan, and has been in the Amy Sherman-Palladino TV family for a while now. The only thing we know for sure about her role in A Year in the Life is that she appears in (and participates in!) the Stars Hollow musical, a telling of the small town’s history.

Foster was only on set for four days, but of course, she couldn’t leave without taking a GG memory along with her. Once you hear what her memento is, you’ll want one for yourself.

“In the musical I worked with Christina [Borle] and it’s the story of Stars Hollow and the only thing I took was a Stars Hollow the Musical T-shirt,” Foster told E! News.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, can I have one of those?’ and I knew the wardrobe supervisor because I worked with her before and so she got me the Stars Hollow musical T-shirt!”

Netflix and ASP would make a killing selling those T-shirts, because we would absolutely buy one. If we could have ONE thing from the Gilmore Girls set, it would definitely be a mug from Luke’s diner. Or the “No Cell Phones” sign hanging on the wall. Oh, and a Doose’s Market apron. Can we also have a catalog addressed to Tookie Clothespin?

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