Just some more proof (if you need it) Jon Snow is totally not dead on ‘GoT’

It’s been a rough year for Game of Thrones fans ever since the Season 5 finale left us beyond heartbroken. Watching our beloved Jon Snow get stabbed repeatedly was not the uplifting season closer we were aiming for and we’ve been doing our best to wrap our heads around it ever since. Plenty of speculation has been made on the Internet as to whether or not our favorite Nightswatchman has actually died. Some are more believable than others. Fans have basically followed Kit Harrington’s every move since the summer to figure out whether he’ll be back for season 6.

We here at Hello Giggles have also been counting the days since his death and analyzing every bit of info to find out whether or not Jon Snow is actually really dead or not. And we gotta say, thanks to a number of clues, we are pretty sure Snow is truly alive, in some capacity or other. And at the very least, even if he’s in the next season in flashbacks alone, we’re finally about 99% sure that we WILL see our beloved Snow on our HBO screens in 2016. Behold this new clue:

Oh yeah, that’s right. Kit Harington was spotted (and photographed) at the Game of Thrones Season 6 wrap party a few nights ago! Harington’s attendance at the party, which took place at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, pretty much proves he is at least involved somewhat in the upcoming season. So what do you think? Jon Snow’s alive, right? Please let it be so…any other alternative is just too much to bear.

In the mean time, you can always read some major spoilers of GoT season 6 or check out the latest trailer released by HBO to keep you sane until the premiere in April.

(Image via HBO)