The Internet is basking in proof that Harry Styles cares deeply about Chipotle, just like the rest of us

Back in July, a few very lucky (and hungry) One Direction fans got the shock of their lives when they walked into a Los Angeles Chipotle and discovered beautiful Brit Harry Styles eating a burrito bowl. At a table. Like a person.

A website called Team FanGirl, which calls itself “the heart of fangirl nation,” did an investigative report on what ingredients the internationally famous boy band member might put in his Chipotle order. After all, each person’s Chipotle order is like a shimmering, unique snowflake: no two are alike. When the site zoomed in on the fan photos, only an empty bowl with remnants of guacamole was shown. From this, we can conclude, that 1. Harry’s down to spend an extra dollar on guac; 2. Harry loves Chipotle too much to save some for leftovers.

Team FanGirl went the extra mile and created this Harry Styles burrito bowl recipe (sort of):

Pretty impressive, considering all of their info came from these photos.

Seventeen recently discovered some exciting new information regarding Harry’s burrito bowl preferences. Sir Styles “liked” a post on Instagram that described the perfect way to get extra chicken in your Chipotle order.

Seventeen even caught Harry in the act via screenshot.

Fans on Twitter are over the moon that Harry is so passionate about his double order of chicken and are offering to take him to Chipotle – very romantic. I’m on the fence: Double chicken and guac makes Harry Styles a pretty expensive date. But knowing that he likes a lot of my favorite Chipotle toppings in his burrito bowl is priceless.

(Images via here, here, and here.)

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