Today in promposals: This kid went bigger than most people’s actual proposals

After seeing the girl who literally got her boyfriend arrested for the sake of a promposal, I thought we were all a hundred percent done with promposals this year. Alas, the promposing gods have smiled upon us all, because there was one last gasp of adorableness before everybody settled on this year’s dance partners. This boyfriend who asked his girlfriend to prom on a jumbotron at the last Syracuse basketball game of the season certainly sets the bar high for high school cuteness, and unlike some promposals we’ve seen this year, it’s the kind of story that will hit you in the feels all around.

Jesse Jacobs, a college freshman, and Maddy Comito, now a senior in high school, have been dating for a year now, and in order to celebrate Maddy scored tickets to the Syracuse game. Since she was the one who got the tickets in the first place, the mid-game proposal came as even more of a shocker. Jesse and Maddy stole the show at the game when he got this message broadcasted to the entire stadium:

“Honestly, it kind of just came to me. I was like ‘How cool would that be, if I could do that for her at the last game of the season?’” said Jesse to ABC 11.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Maddy revealed that they were set to go to last year’s prom, but her volleyball commitments got in the way. “You could say I’ve been waiting to go to prom with him for a year now!”

What makes this such a banner promposal is not because it was public or because Jesse went big with it, but because it’s clear that they have an enduring relationship, and they had already agreed to go to prom together in the first place. There was no awkward pressure from it being public and they could genuinely enjoy the moment (and the attention they’ve gotten since the promposal went viral).

Here’s to a banner 2015 prom, Jesse and Maddy! Hopefully you get all of the fun of this year’s and last year’s rolled into one.

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