This talented beauty blogger uses make-up to transform into celebs like Ed Sheeran and Mariah Carey

Instagram has a real fixation with makeup transformations these days and we are 100% down to allow up-and-coming artists fuel that obsession. With the help of a powerful contour kit and some wardrobe changes, Promise Tamang Phan is the latest trending makeup artist who can turn herself into the spitting image of our fave celebs and most treasured Disney characters. The beauty blogger from Nepal has one million followers on Instagram and hundreds of Youtube tutorials that document her remarkable transformations.

With some time spent sweeping contour and highlight and other beauty magic across her face, Tamang can pull off a look almost better than Mariah Carey and Scarlett Johansson.

If Promise’s last name rings a bell, it’s because Youtube makeup tutorial favorite Michelle Phan is actually her sister-in-law. Considering the success both women have had in establishing themselves as makeup gurus, we’re willing to wager the Phan name has a pretty solid chance of becoming the Kardashian equivalent of makeup transformation celebs.

Still, despite her close connection to Michelle, Promise is proving herself to be an impressive artist to watch on her own merit.

Promise’s Facebook page explains that she’s not a professional make-up artist and all of her work has been “purely self-taught.”

Fortunately for us, Promise isn’t limited to any one niche or gender which means her followers are #blessed with some fascinating changes (WHOOT WHOOT).

Promise has transformed into Ed Sheeran in one tutorial and into Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars in others.

And she’s even let her own ideas and visions help transform her into some characters that make her almost completely unrecognizable.

Forwarning: Promise’s videos are easy to get addicted to on her Instagram and Youtube pages. These transformations will for sure have you hooked.

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