What is this prom poster really teaching girls? We’re confused

When prom season comes around, there’s always a bunch of classic themes to choose from: Night Under The Stars, Fairy Tale, A Night To Protect Her Character — wait, what? Not joking. That’s the real prom theme for Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The slogan sits above the image of a girl in a dress, made up of words like “honest,” “loyal” and “determined,” but also “classy,” “polite” and “quiet.” They might as well have put “silent,” “chaste” or “invisible.”

This poster rightly struck a nerve in senior Kelsey Schindl:

She immediately tore down the poster and took it to her principle Luke Valitchka, but he disagreed that there was any kind of inappropriate message. Kelsey decided to start circulating a petition to let the administration know that it’s not just one opinion, almost everybody she’s talked to has been disgusted with the sentiment.

In response, Holy Family Memorial, a Catholic healthcare provider whose logo appears on the poster, said:

The obstinance of the school to reconsider their message has almost put Kelsey off of prom entirely. She’s not sure if she’ll even go to the event on May 2.

If Kelsey decides to sit this one out, we can all totally throw our own prom — pizza theme, anyone?