This teen was bullied by his classmates’ *parents* after he won Prom King while wearing a dress

On today’s episode of “It’s 2018. Why Is This Still Happening?”, we’re sharing the story of a teen who was bullied by his peers’ parents after he won Prom King in a dress. We repeat, his classmates’ parents were the ones who caused an uproar about an event that did not directly affect them. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Adam Bell is an 18-year-old high school senior/makeup maven. In fact, he’s already working as a professional makeup artist and has just under 2,500 followers on Instagram. So when the most glamorous night in one’s high school career rolled around, you bet Bell pulled out all the stops.

Bell not only created a stunning prom makeup look for himself, but he also donned a Victoria’s Secret bustier, a House of CB velvet skirt, and a blonde wig that made him look like a member of the Kardashian clan during their platinum phase.

Those who go to school with Bell were not surprised by his prom look. “My school has seen this from me every day so it’s nothing new to them,” Bell told “However, every now and then when I step out into a new place, I do get double takes — probably because I live in the south.”

Unfortunately, Bell got a lot more than double takes after his school posted a photo of their Prom King and Prom Queen on Facebook and Instagram. Bell had won Prom King after 49% of his fellow classmates voted for him.

“A lot of the parents got upset that I won in a dress…I don’t know any of the parents personally, but I do know their kids and I consider them to be great people,” Bell told

The social media comments got so harsh that the school had to not only remove the photos but also delete their entire Facebook page to quell the hate.

But thankfully, there is a happy ending to this story. Bell’s peers stood up to their own parents and the onslaught of trolls to defend Bell’s position as Prom King and his decision to wear a dress.

“It’s so nice seeing kids stand up to their parents in a situation like this… Pretty much all my classmates, and some people I don’t even know, jumped straight in and defended me,” Bell said. “Some of the words were hard to hear from people I don’t even know, but I actually received more love than hate, so my heart was beyond full with happiness.”

Bell is confident enough to not let the hate get to him. And with his classmates on his side, he can peacefully reign and continue to slay his glam looks on the daily. Long live the king!

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