When you dump your prom date right before prom, they get their penny — uh, petty — revenge

This time of year, we love to hear everyone’s awesome prom stories — like the girl whose prom dress reveal made her boyfriend cry. Or the boy who brought Kylie Jenner as his date after being rejected. But every now and then, you hear a prom story that’s… less than ideal. Sometimes things just don’t work out — but there’s always a way to make the best of a bad situation.

That’s why, after being dumped days before the big night, this teen took her revenge in the penniest — uh, pettiest — way.

Did you catch that slip of the fingers? That’s because after Twitter user @panchal_maria‘s ex asked for the $95 he’d spent prepping for their prom, she gave it to him… in pennies. false

How legendary is that?

We can’t believe Maria’s ex had the audacity to ask for him money back after he chose to spend it on their night — then bailed. We applaud Maria’s ability to be the bigger person and pay him back. And we’d like to give a standing ovation to the way she chose to do it.

Especially after hearing he wanted the money so he could go to someone else‘s prom.

On Twitter, other users were eating it up — they even made a Twitter moment to commemorate the tweet.

But some thought that Maria’s former date had gotten off easy.

Still others were just worried about Maria’s big night.


We’re sure Maria will have the best prom ever. After all, all 9,500 of those pennies must bring her at least a little luck. Stay petty, Maria. And have a great time.