Project Runway for teens? THIS we want to watch!

Almost two years ago, in a stroke of genius, the MasterChef team gave the world MasterChef Junior. Same judges, same Mystery Box challenges, the big difference was the contestants went from being adult home cooks to 8-13 year old competitors. The super-adorable and crazy inspirational spinoff was the perfect antidote to the mean streak that runs through a fair amount of reality television.

Project Runway seems to be taking a page from MasterChef‘s “Age it down, adorbs it up” handbook, as the franchise recently announced that they will be bringing the world Project Runway Junior. Of course, we remember the show giving kid designers a shot with their spinoff Project Runway: Threads, in which three teen/tween designers competed each week for a prize package. That said, much like MasterChef Junior, Project Runway Junior is going to be essentially a younger version of the existing show with the same format, challenges, etc.

As US Weekly reports, the show will be looking for contestants in the 14-17 range who can sew up a storm and inspire a generation of future designers.

Of course, Tim Gunn will be on hand to help the teen designers make it work, and stepping into Heidi Klum’s hosting role is model Hannah Davis. One of our all-time favorite contestants Christian Siriano is set to judge alongside executive editor of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen, Aya Kanai.

Project Runway Junior is debuting on Lifetime this fall and we are SO THERE. We can’t wait to hear all the fashion wisdom Tim Gunn is going to drop on the contestants’ teen heads, because, as we all know, “Make it work” doesn’t just apply to getting a dress made by a reality-TV-imposed deadline, “Make it work” applies to EVERYTHING IN LIFE.

We’re excited, fall can’t come soon enough!

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