The University of Cambridge just created a “professor of Lego” position AKA our dream job

Attention Lego-lovers: your dream has officially come true. After receiving a $2.5 million dollar donation from the Lego Foundation, the University of Cambridge is creating a “Professor of Lego” position.

As the Telegraph reports, the professor is going to be the director of the Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning starting in October 2015.

“Oh, so it’s not a professor who would, like, be teaching a full course-load all about gender roles in 21st century Legos and the fundamentals of aerodynamics as they apply to Legos ‘Star Wars’ sets?” you clarify.

No, the “Lego” part is pretty clearly a nod to the foundation that’s funding the position, but still, this is basically a position for someone whose job it is to research playtime and figure out how play factors into the growth and development of children and that seems like a rad beyond rad field of research. It’s also very much in line with the mission statement of the Lego Foundation, which states that its goal is “…to make children’s lives better – and communities stronger – by making sure the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced and acted upon.”

We didn’t even KNOW this was a field of study, but now that we do know, we all want to go and get our Masters degrees in Playtime.

Get your resumes ready, qualified applicants, we want you to snag this dream job so we can live vicariously through you amazingness.

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