This professor canceled class for a hilarious reason, his email is going viral

While college is a time of great learning, there are some days you really just hope your professor won’t show up to teach. Well, one professor recently canceled class at Ohio University and made that dream a reality for his students. But the best part was not that class was canceled, but the email he sent to explain why class wouldn’t be going down that day.

Ever been so frustrated at not being able to find a parking spot that you just gave up and went home? Well, that’s what Brandon, an English professor at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, did.

And the email he sent to tell his students that class was canceled has already become the stuff of legend.


As Brandon’s student Mary shared on Twitter, there was no Introduction to Prose Fiction and Nonfiction on Thursday, November 3rd because the professor simply couldn’t find a “fucking parking space.” By investigating the university course catalog, we discovered that the email was sent three minutes before class was scheduled to start.

Because of that inconvenience, Brandon also gave everyone in class a 10/10 on the quiz that was scheduled that day.

Oh, and did you want to go to office hours?

Well, you were out of luck since Brandon hilariously stated that he needed “a little distance from campus at the moment.”

While we don’t mean to laugh at Brandon’s misfortunes, his email is getting so much traction on Twitter because his rage is not only so palpable from his writing (he is an English professor after all), but also because it’s so damn relatable.

Although some people on Twitter have noted his behavior to his students was unprofessional, we like to think that it just shows his students he’s a real person like anyone else. Because it’s only human to get understandably frustrated with the hell on earth that is parking lots.

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