This woman is a real life “Hitch” for Millennials

Anyone who is currently single is fully aware that dating these days can be a bit tough. Most of us rely on our phones to meet new people and sometimes neglect the people right in front of us! Or, sometimes we’re just too shy to strike up a conversation, especially since talking to complete strangers in bars is becoming less and less commonplace. But there’s one woman out there who is trying to change that. Her name is Erin Davis and she’s a professional wingwoman! Amazing.

Erin started off as a matchmaker, holding exclusive parties for Jewish singles in New York City. Over time, her clients began asking for individual help, which led her to become a professional “Hitch,” so to speak.


According to Narrative, her service includes a thorough consultation, which involves Davis learning about her client’s relationship histories, likes, dislikes, insecurities, etc, as well as Davis’s company as a wingwoman on two different occasions. She chooses the venue, which could be a bar or a museum, and then she’ll literally get her clients to open up and talk to cute strangers.

For 60 Second Docs, Erin explains her line of work:

"The dating scene today is really sad. The magic is gone, and I'm really trying to bring it back. I really want people to be excited and realize that every single day that they wake up is a real opportunity to bond with another human being."

We love this message!

So, what does she think makes a good match?

“To me, the secret of matching someone is finding another person that makes that person the very best he or she could be. Logging in with your app does not count as making an effort. To me, it’s not a baffling thing, because when you make that extra effort, then you’re ready for love.”

She gives us some advice at the end:

“We should be introducing our friends to people. You can’t connect with a device. You can connect with a human being. So, go out there and make eye contact, be optimistic, start up conversations with complete strangers. Just have the time of your life. What’s the worst that can happen?”

You can check out the whole video here:

So cool, Erin! We can’t get enough of this message! We hope you can help some lucky singles find love!

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