In honor of National Sleep Day, the products we use to help us catch our zzzs

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t easy for many of us. In fact, according to the American Sleep Association, 50 to 70 million adults in the United States are dealing with a sleep disorder. While some of us might wish we didn’t need sleep to survive and could stay up doing all the things we want to do, the reality is, sleep is extremely important to our health. Poor sleep can affect everything from our heart to our mood. It’s a serious matter, people.

You can make certain changes that may help you get better sleep, such as limiting caffeine, having a regular exercise routine, eating healthy foods, and not looking at bright screens an hour or two before bedtime. (Ahem, that means no late-night Instagram lurking.) There are also products that can help you fall asleep, like weighted blankets and scented pillow sprays. Yes, there is hope.

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, here are 12 products we use to visit Mr. Sandman.

1Bearaby The Napper

Weighted BlanketWeighted Blanket

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The theory behind weighted blankets is that the pressure they put on your body makes you feel comforted and therefore calmer. People report falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, and feeling more refreshed after using them. This Bearaby blanket is serious magic, and cute, to boot.

2Lush Twilight


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We’re huge fans of Lush’s Sleepy line because its calming lavender scent helps us drift off to slumberland. Spraying a bit of this Twilight spray on your bod or around your room is a must when you can’t sleep.

3Casper Light

casper lightcasper light

Starting at $99
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The makers behind the popular mattress brand have a special light that helps you wind down and wake up peacefully. We’re big fans.



This fluffy cloud-like comforter is one of the most relaxing blankets we’ve ever tried.

5Awake Dream Mist Pillow Spray


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Spritz a bit of this on your pillow and your sleep-depriving stress will soon melt away.

6Kush Queen Sleep Bath Bomb

kush queen bath bombkush queen bath bomb

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A bath is relaxing enough, but this CBD-infused bath bomb is the ultimate self-care ritual.

7Hollywood Silk Solutions


A silk pillowcase is not only good for our hair and skin, but helps keeps our heads cool, allowing us to rest better.

8The Great Henley Romper


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You’ve gotta be comfortable when you snooze, and this new sleepwear line features lush fabrics that will help you rest easy.

9Sara Happ Sweet Dreams Lip Kit

Sara HappSara Happ

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Take care of your pucker while you dream of making out with Cole Sprouse.

10Olly Restful Sleep


This new Sephora Collection x Olly line features a Sleep supplement that is formulated for your body’s natural sleep hormone.

11mykind Organics Sleep Well Tablets


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Love supplement options? This sleep tablet contains relaxing herbs like organic lemon balm, valerian, and chamomile, plus L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that promotes deep relaxation.

12Hot and Cool Gel Bead Sleep Mask

Eye MaskEye Mask

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You can either warm this mask up to help with congested sinuses and encourage sleep, or cool it in the fridge to wake up tired, puffy eyes. Either way, it will be your new best friend.

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