These products are perfect for brides who don’t give AF

It’s a well known fact that weddings are expensive. In fact, according to recent research, Americans spend $72 billion a year on weddings! That’s a lot of money. Think of how much chocolate that could buy. For brides with a sense of humor about the whole wedding thing, there are plenty of quirky (and affordable) products out there. Below are some of our favorites.

Who needs a traditional bride and groom cake topper when you can have this spunky one by the Roc Shop? ($25)

Let people know your true thoughts with this Fuck Weddings Canvas Tote by Stone Fox Bride ($25)

These napkins are a hilarious reminder for any bride ($14.95)

Let your loved one know how you really feel with this card ($3.77)

Let people know your state of mind with this “I Can’t Keep Calm I’m Getting Married” Shirt ($12.99)

Just letting your bridesmaids know what they’re in for…($5)

Say “yes” in the language of love ($22.99)

For the cat-loving bride ($14.95)


Let friends and strangers know you are Married AF ($28)

Send out these cheeky Save the Date ($6.50)

…Or have your guests acknowledge the obvious with these temporary tats ($12)

He popped the question, we’re poppin’ bottles ($18.95)

Let everyone know you’re “totes engaged” with this fun bag ($12.95)

For the rebel motorcyclist in all of us ($59.98)

Even the cheekiest of brides loves a good pun ($5.89)

Seriously, weddings are perfect for silly puns ($30)

When you’re engaged AF and not yet married ($13)

Really freak out your friends with this uncanny valley kitty bridal print ($14)

For a year after the wedding ($4.50)

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