How to Be More of a Morning Person (Because We Know It’s Hard)

Are you a morning person? Me neither. But even if you answered yes to that question, we all know that there’s a difference between being up, and being up and running.

So we wanted to dig up some tried and true ways to be more productive in those wee early hours so we can all get stuff done like the morning-est of all morning people. Now, when the alarm goes off tomorrow, you can tap into some of these tips and be properly impressed with yourself.

1. Prep at night

A great way to make your mornings run more smoothly than a smoothie is to get your ish together the night before. Whether this is making a to-do list or a project outline, or even just chopping for your omelette—use a few minutes at night to set yourself up for a rad morning.

2. Don’t open or answer email first thing

This one causes me anxiety just typing it out, because of my trigger-happy thumb and inquiring mind. But this is what smart people talk about when they talk about prioritizing work. Spend a few hours doing some of your urgent to-dos and then respond to what is urgent to others.

3. Turn up the air

When I’m too cozy, I’m definitely not as productive. Michael Hyatt backs me up in his podcast about creating more mental focus. So keep the temps cooler and tackle that to-do list.

4. Don’t snooze

This is blasphemy, as far as I’m concerned, but people waste a ton of time snoozing, and it can actually make you feel sleepier, hence having less productivity in the beginning of your day.

5. Get it flowin’

It doesn’t have to be a full-blown workout or yoga routine, but even if you’re doing a few stretches or taking a stroll around the block (to get coffee!), getting moving will help you will feel more alert and ready to get after it.

6. Eat yo Wheaties

Don’t roll your eyes at me. Cook that bacon, blend that smoothie, crack open that granola bar—whatever your poison, fuel up and watch your body respond with that blessed productivity.

7. Set a timer

If you’re going to do little errands—like laundry or dog-walking—before work, set a timer on your phone so you don’t lose track of time. This is key to preventing running out of the house in a blind panic screaming like the White Rabbit that you’re late. That is the worst feeling, and you don’t deserve that.

8. Find a routine and stick to it

Morning people are naturally good at this, as are highly productive people SO stick to a sequence that works for you and edit as needed to make the most of your precious morning time.

Go get ‘em; that worm isn’t gonna get itself, early birds.