I found the miracle product that makes my dirty hair look clean —and it’s only $5

For the longest time, I believed that dry shampoo was just a gimmick meant to try to get me to spend more money on my hair. But then, my oily hair got even more oily and something needed to be done. That’s when I started my dry shampoo journey.

Before I bought my first dry shampoo, I was still convinced that I didn’t need to spend money to make my hair less oily. So, I started using the baby powder I had in my medicine cabinet to soak up the oil on my scalp. The only problem was that you could still see the white powder even when it was on my head. It looked like I had a very bad case of dandruff.

Once I finally realized that the baby powder wasn’t working for me, I invested in an übercheap dry shampoo at the drugstore and it was awful. Even worse than the baby powder. In fact, I’m pretty sure it made my scalp oilier. At that point, dry shampoo and I took a break… until a few weeks ago.

In addition to my hair’s oiliness, I’ve always been dealing with the fact that my bangs don’t always stay together. Instead, I sometimes start the day with my bangs in pieces and – trust me – it’s no fun. To deal with this hair drama, I then casually bought a travel-size bottle of Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. It can be bought at Walmart for about $5. The best part: It’s cruelty-free!


Overall, I love this dry shampoo for four reasons: 1) It’s lightweight and I can’t feel it sitting on my hair. 2) It smells clean and doesn’t give off a super strong scent. 3) It truly works, making it look as though I wash my hair every single day (which I don’t). 4) It doesn’t leave any residue on my scalp, so I definitely don’t have to worry about accidentally rocking a dandruff look.

The results (a little frizzy because it got a bit humid today, but still oil-free!):


This is after two days of not washing my hair and, as you can see, my hair still looks fresh. Normally, if I don’t use dry shampoo, you can definitely tell that I haven’t washed my hair after even one day. It gets oily and my bangs also start to clump together. Clearly, this dry shampoo prevents that from happening and, as a result, I’m super grateful for this product’s assistance.

Would I repurchase this dry shampoo in the future? You bet!

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