So THIS is why producers told us that Rachel would be The Bachelorette so oddly early

Not that we can’t handle change, buuuut we’ve gotten pretty used to the routine of learning which girl on The Bachelor will be the next Bachelorette, after the season of The Bachelor is over (or at least after that girl has already been safely, and spoiler-freely, eliminated from the current season).

So why did ABC announce Rachel Lindsay as Bachelorette when there are still a bunch of weeks to go on The Bachelor (and she’s still in the game)?!

Now we know that Rachel and Nick Viall won’t be ending up together! UGH. Don’t worry though, there’s actually a very good explanation. Apparently, the producers made the decision to reveal the information this early on so that they could have a lot of time to recruit a great group of guys for the upcoming season(there’s usually not much time between the conclusion of The Bachelor and the beginning of The Bachelorette, which means getting the most awesome group of dudes can be hard).

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Okay well…that’s very practical and makes sense. Especially if, like us, you want Rachel to have awesome options.

There’s good news, too: Their plan is working! “The response has been amazing about Rachel — there’s been a huge spike in casting. Rachel is open to different types of guys. So it’ll be a mix of different types and races of guys for her season,” a source told Us Weekly. And we hope that she finds her true match among them. It just…won’t be Nick.

via giphy  We wish Rachel all the best in the new season, and know she’s gonna send hearts fluttering all over the place. Having come this far on her journey, it’s only going to get more dramatic…but if she’s up for the challenge, we are. Bring it on.