Probably the coolest thing Pottery Barn has ever sold

You know Pottery Barn as that store at the mall that you sometimes wander into because it looks so pretty and inviting from the outside. Once inside, you fall in love with EVERYTHING and then have to talk yourself out of buying a $75 vase — been there, done that. Now, with the release of all the Star Wars merchandise, there’s one other thing you’re going to need to work very hard at not buying.

Race car beds? So last year. Take a gander at Pottery Barn’s newest, coolest, and official, Star Wars bed. While it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs or less, you’ll at least be able to in your dreams.

Coinciding with Force Friday — that’s today — Pottery Barn has rolled out some brand new Star Wars merchandise, ahead of the release of Force Awakens — that‘s  104 days away. They’ve got new bedding and sheet sets, along with a Death Star beanbag, and even some Chewbacca towels. But the real BIG THING is this Star Wars bed, shaped like the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon (Han Solo not included).  

This bed is clearly made for little Jedis, but there is no weight restriction on the bed, so let’s take that to mean that adults can climb in for naptime, too.

Both the head and the foot of the bed are decorated with the “iconic…knobs and gauges” that you’re going to need to fiddle with before you can make the true jump to lightspeed. But clearly the best thing is just the fact the bed is shaped like the Falcoln’s cockpit. Climb into it, and pretend your blasting TIE fighters away.

Only downside to this is that the bed of your dreams is going to cost you a huge sum of money. Currently, the bed sits priced at $3,999. That’s a lot. It’d be cheaper to win the bed from Lando in a card game. However, if we start saving money now, we should be able to afford it by the time we have little kids of our own in 5-25 years, or by the time Episode X rolls out.

(Images via Pottery Barn/Lucasfilm/Twitter)

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