Pro tip: Starbucks has a “Frankenfrapp” on their secret menu item

We love a good PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) as much as the next person. But when we need some ghoulish goodness during the Halloween season, what could be better than a Starbucks Frankenfrapp? Now don’t go waltzing into your local Starbs and just lay that phrase out on the table. The drink is on the secret menu. But, listen closely because we have the list of goods to ask for to create your own monster of a drink:

Remember, play it cool. Approach the counter and repeat after us, “Hello, how are you? Good. I’d like a Green Tea Frappuccino with white mocha flavor, peppermint, and java chips. Please.” Give them your name and contain your excitement until drink is in hand.


There’s another Halloween-y item that haunts the Starbucks menu this time of year. The Frappula is a bloody good concoction consisting of mocha sauce, whipped cream, mocha Frappuccino, rimmed with strawberry puree. The Frappula is an official, on-the-menu seasonal item.

It’s a great alternative for the Vamps of the world who are trying to kick the whole “blood sucking” habit.

You can order the Frappula by name through Halloween day, and then it retires back to the coffin from which it came to hibernate until next year. But, if you memorize the ingredients, your barista may be able to do you a solid and provide you with Frappula goodness all year round.

So you’re feeling like switching up your typical PSL order, the Frankenfrapp and the Frappula are waiting for you – and not in a scary way, we promise.

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