Pro athletes show off their inner feminist by opening up about the idea of “locker room” talk

This week’s news from the 2016 Presidential Election has been a tough one for us ladies. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, was caught on camera bragging about sexually assaulting women, and we were furious. Donald wrote off the incident as “locker room talk,” which didn’t sit well with us, and thankfully, we’re not the only ones.

Over the weekend, professional athletes showed off their inner feminist side by explaining that Donald Trump’s idea of “locker room talk” was totally inaccurate.


Well, we have just one thing to say to that kind of truth.


These athletes range from professional football players to baseball players, and we are so glad to see these men won’t let Donald Trump’s defense of the locker room excuse his vulgar and violent comments. And who would know better about what goes on in locker rooms than these athletes who spend a huge part of their day in one?

We all need to stand together against the kind of talk that degrades women and promotes sexual violence, and it’s pretty cool to have athletes like this on our side.

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