Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra take the spotlight in the Jonas Brothers’ music video homage to our favorite movies

Update, January 17th, 2020, 9:15 a.m. ET: Jonas Brothers, who? In the video for their brand new song “What A Man Gotta Do,” we only had eyes for J Sisters Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra. Though, yes, the JoBros tried their hardest to be the center of attention with, frankly, numerous moments in their underwear. Um yeah, we’ll explain.

The Instagram lead-up promotion wasn’t just a tease. The “What A Man Gotta Do” video was an homage to our favorite rom-coms and ’80s flicks.

It opens with Nick Jonas doing that classic Tom Cruise slide into the frame, clad in gym socks, sunglasses, a dress shirt, and tighty-whities. Later, Chopra joins her husband in the Risky Business theme. And we have to say, she gives Nick a run for his money with her own Tom Cruise impression.

Meanwhile, Joe Jonas and Turner are giving their best Danny and Sandy at Rydell High’s dance-off. Turner, of course, is making that retro pony work. But because she is an Emmy-nominated actress, she plays two characters in this video, with her switch-up to Cha Cha DiGregorio (the best dancer at Saint Bernadette’s, with the worst reputation!).

At the bridge of the song, we finally get appearances by Kevin and Danielle Jonas, channeling Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court from Say Anything—with a 2020 prop change. Then, the whole crew dances their faces off, with Joe and Kevin joining Nick in their underwear. (We said we’d explain, but we don’t really have an explanation here.)

Maybe the best part? The “What A Man Gotta Do” video extravaganza ends with some pretty incredible outtakes, including Turner accidentally kicking her husband in the face. We warned you her dance moves were killer.

Watch the whole thing below!

Update, January 16th, 1:15 p.m. ET: We had a sneaking suspicion Sophie Turner would join her J Sisters in the new Jonas Brothers music video for “What A Man Gotta Do,” but now she’s confirmed. On her Instagram today, January 16th, the actress shared her edition of the throwback movie posters to tease the video. Let’s just say it caused spontaneous hand-jiving.

Turner and her husband, Joe Jonas, step into Danny and Sandy’s shoes from Grease. It’s the first movie poster not from the ’80s, so it has us wondering what the video will be all about.

We’ll have to wait until midnight to know exactly, but needless to say, we are stoked to see Turner suited up for the performance.

Original post, January 16th, 11:13 a.m. ET: If you’re like us and you unabashedly love the Jonas Brothers, you’re about to hear the best Thursday news ever. The brothers are dropping a brand new single and music video tonight, and it seems we are in for a bonus treat. Two of the three J Sisters (aka the Jonas Brothers’ wives) are confirmed for a cameo appearance. We’re waiting on you, Sophie Turner. Here’s what we know.

The brothers have been teasing their new single, “What A Man Gotta Do,” on Instagram for the past few days, first sharing the ’80s-inspired single art on Tuesday, January 14th. Then, they shared a brief snippet of the song itself, revealing only a clip of a cassette tape. Clearly, we’re in for an ’80s throwback extravaganza.

And now, it’s officially confirmed that both Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas will be in the new Jonas Brothers video.

The sisters-in-law shared promo photos of themselves with their respective spouses posing in classic ’80s movie posters, and we are so ready for this. First, check out the mysterious teasers for the single art—featuring the boys looking dapper as ever in vintage suits—and the quick snippet of the song itself, which will definitely get you hyped for what’s to come.

We knew that there would be some, ahem, risky business happening in this video when the brothers shared another clip from the video itself. In it, Nick Jonas is reenacting Tom Cruise’s signature socks slide from the classic 1983 flick.

Then, things got really exciting when both Priyanka and Danielle confirmed they’d be in the video, posing in modern day versions of Risky Business and Say Anything, respectively.

Not only are we getting Danielle and Priyanka, but Riley the pup too?! Our hearts can barely handle this.

Of course, you’re probably wondering if Sophie Turner will be making an appearance, and so far, we cannot confirm. However, Joe just posted a clip of two sets of feet doing the “Hand Jive” dance from Grease, and given that the couple looks just like IRL versions of Danny and Sandy, we have a feeling she’ll be part of the trifecta in what sounds like an incredible homage to our favorite romantic comedies of the past.

We didn’t think things could get more epic than the “Sucker” music video, but it sounds like we’re in for some serious slayage. The new video drops at midnight, and we are so ready for it.