Priyanka Chopra just dominated Jimmy Fallon in a wing-eating contest

When Priyanka Chopra challenges you to a wing-eating contest, you better be prepared to lose. The actress appeared on The Tonight Show Thursday evening and decided to rumble with Jimmy and see who could eat the most nuclear sauce-covered Atomic Wings in 20 seconds.

These aren’t your average buffalo wings. These wings are the spiciest of the spicy, with additional tabasco sauce sprinkled over them minutes before Priyanka and Jimmy chowed down. When the clock started ticking, the two had to eat as many as they could possibly stand in 20 seconds.

While they were both given emergency milk in case it was all too much, neither of them used it. However, Jimmy probably should have, since he only managed to eat one before totally giving up, while Priyanka was three wings deep when the timer went off.

Jimmy better think twice the next time he accepts a challenge from an awesome woman, because we are officially bowing down to Priyanka and her wing-eating prowess.

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